Email Policy

I generally respond to emails sporatically. If your note is not urgent, it might take me a few business days (or longer) to get to it. Additionally, I often do not check my email on the weekends.

If you need an urgent response, please do one of the following.

  • Text or call me.
  • Email me and include the exact text [URGENT] in the subject line. This will generate a text notification on my phone.
  • Schedule a meeting (video calls only).

If I have not responded to an email (e.g., you sent it a week or more ago), please feel free to remind me to respond.

I also try to follow the email charter and encourage you to do the same.

Why do I have this policy?

Email can be all-absorbing. I'd rather focus on other things like my research, my teaching, and my family. Thus, I try to treat email as a means to an end (or several ends), and not an end in itself.